A New Step for Pregnant Women in the Work Place via WiLab!

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Sometimes when you become pregnant you feel a little nervous about how to break the news to your boss and coworkers. Imagine for a moment that you are in a job that requires you to be in the public eye. Now imagine that because of how you looked and dressed while pregnant, the public began heckling you. Sounds fake right? WRONG!

Kristi Gordon of Global News in Canada, has lived this twice over. During her first pregnancy she received comments and criticism like this: “Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you,”

After receiving numerous insults like this during her first pregnancy, she actually had to ask the public to be kind during her second. Anyone else completely appalled yet?

Watch the video below:

Despite her admitted worry that by commenting on these ridiculous letters she was providing satisfaction to her haters, I believe it only further proved her confidence as a woman and a professional. She not only gave pregnant women a voice, but her coworkers backed her 100% in this venture.

“To all viewers, thanks for all your feedback. We’ve read them all. We support Kristi, her wardrobe choices and all women who work while pregnant.” -Global BC

It’s very easy to be angry and feel that these types of occurrences are yet another setback for working mothers, but at Blissfulmamas, believe that this is a step forward!

Kristi is an incredible model of strength and perseverance and the support she has received from coworkers and Global BC, proves that working mothers are taking another step forward!


dsc_0013Blissfulmamas is inspired by living in the moment, embracing the chaos and enjoying the crazy wonderful ride of motherhood. As working professionals, we really do have it all! Come as you are and embrace it. Families are like snowflakes, each different and unique, no two the same. The antiquated idea of the perfect roadmap to raising a family, balancing a professional job, and everything else in and between is long overdue for a make over! Blissfulmamasis a networking community for working mamas with a positive outlook, looking to collaborate with each other on career advancements, job opportunities, managing and organizing family life, without forgetting about the long overdue personal “me” time. Our goal is to act as a positive outreach for working mamas and be a place where workingmamas can collaborate & find resources, all available on the go!

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