Thank you!

sunflowersWe have been so honored by our recent featured mamas, and their willingness to share their stories and lives with us and our readers.  It has been inspiring to read everyone’s unique approach in navigating this world of the working mama.  One of the most amazing parts about this whole project is learning just how creative, smart and amazing we are as women and mothers.  It seems the time has come to really let all of our talents shine and to put our natural affinity for multitasking to the ultimate test!  We aren’t perfect, we may not always feel at the top of our game, but we’re a strong group who now have this incredible platform in which to support and encourage one another.

We are very grateful to our followers and hope you will continue on this journey with us as we work hard to expand our ideas and share more from hard working, dedicated moms that walk among us everyday.

With gratitude,
Blissfulmamas, Erin & Becky