5 Quick Ways to Use Motherhood to Your Advantage in Your Career Search!

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It is a challenging decision to determine how to best market yourself when attempting to revitalize your career, change jobs, or get back into the work force, and it can seem like a daunting task! When you take the time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile, remember how motherhood offered you a unique skill set that you can capitalize on. Use this to your advantage and draw upon applicable experiences that will highlight you as a stand out candidate! Being in the staffing industry for 10+ years has given me insight to what Hiring Managers and Organizations are seeking:

1. Buzz words: Get past the gate keeper. Someone is sitting at their desk, weeding out the piles and piles of resumes that are in their inbox. If you don’t have the top 10 buzz words that are found within the job description that you are applying for, you are out. You should tailor your resume for each job that you apply for.  On paper, are you a fit for this role?

Mama Buzz Word Key; communication skills, motivation, team player, problem solving, strategic, time management

2. Can you do the actual job? A deeper dive into applicable skill sets. Let’s be honest, sometimes as Mom’s we feel like we can take over the world, and with that said -take on too much! Look at the job from a high level perspective. Are you going to enjoy the day-to-day tasks, what can you accomplish in this new venture? Envision yourself in the new role. Drill down and highlight where your applicable experiences are in your past positions and make sure to be clear and concise when describing your abilities.

Mama Buzz Word Key; ability to hit your goals, demonstrated record of success, multitasking, organizational skills

3. Personality, will the current team be able to work with you? You are who you are, and you can’t change that. When on an interview, the greatest influence you will have is choosing when to speak. Listen to the team, what they want in a new employee, turn the tables on them. Then respond with your greatest assets.

Mama Buzz Word Key; accountable, adaptability, compassion, deep listening, empathy, teamwork

4. Schedule, what can you offer in terms of commute restrictions, daily schedule, etc. As a parent, you undoubtedly have a full schedule and need the extra cushion of flexibility when starting a new job. Kids get sick, cars break down, things happen. Do not lead with this foot, but do not shy away from the reality that you need some flexibility.

Mama Buzz Word Key; dependability, fast learner, flexibility, motivation, work well under pressure

5. Something extra, do your research! LinkedIn and Google are amazing tools. Utilize them before you apply to a job or interview with a team. Understand their atmosphere, current events of the organization and the people you are meeting with. You might actually have something in common with one of the team members and you can point to the common thread during the interview to help you stand out!

Mama Buzz Word Key; creative, passion, perspective, research

Revamping your resume, changing careers, interviewing -the entire process can be nerve wracking to say the least, especially knowing that you have some constraints being a parent. Use these tips to your advantage and prepare yourself as much as you can by using your Mama skills! When in front of an audience, take a moment to consider the question and answer accordingly, pulling the skills from your toolbox that are applicable and highlight your in-depth knowledge of the opportunity and job at hand. Mothers are natural born leaders -use this to your advantage!

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Good luck!



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