One Step Forward In the Working Mama Revolution

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During a recent interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, journalist Rebecca Traister was joined by a guest: her newborn daughter!  While she spoke about the recent email controversy involving Hilary Clinton, her little bundle slept silently on her chest.  I heard nothing about it and only came across the article when looking specifically for the latest news regarding working mothers.

This isn’t headline news and may not even go viral, but it should.  This small act is huge for working mothers who are striving to prove they are still relevant to their employers, despite their new parental status.

Despite this story’s quiet appearance, people are noticing it. Randye Hoder from said,“What was most remarkable, perhaps, was how unremarkable the baby’s presence was”

As working mothers, our goal is not only to find a balance between work and home life, but also to feel successful and supported in our work environments. Traister made a wonderful statement and point without really trying.  She did what feels natural to many of us, which is multitasking work and motherhood.  We don’t want to have to hide the fact that we are mothers and we don’t want to be defined by or judged for it at work either. Traister proved that being a mom and having a successful career is not only possible, but it’s the new norm!  The more we are exposed to these simple gestures, the more accepting society will be.  For now, Blissfulmamas is grateful for another amazing woman who is paving the way for us all!


dsc_0013Blissfulmamas is inspired by living in the moment, embracing the chaos and enjoying the crazy wonderful ride of motherhood. As working professionals, we really do have it all! Come as you are and embrace it. Families are like snowflakes, each different and unique, no two the same. The antiquated idea of the perfect roadmap to raising a family, balancing a professional job, and everything else in and between is long overdue for a make over! Blissfulmamasis a networking community for working mamas with a positive outlook, looking to collaborate with each other on career advancements, job opportunities, managing and organizing family life, without forgetting about the long overdue personal “me” time. Our goal is to act as a positive outreach for working mamas and be a place where working mamas can collaborate & find resources, all available on the go!

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