Why Your Company Should Hire More Mothers

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Katharine Zaleski is doing big things for working mothers in the tech field. As the President and Co-Founder of PowerToFly, a global platform that connects top female talent, primarily in tech, with remote and in-office jobs, Katharine points to the simple truth that women have changed, but workplaces haven’t. In her most recent article in the Fortune; she discusses the remaining stereotypes and discrimination against working mothers in the workforce.

It’s time to break that cycle, and it starts with the people doing the hiring. The way I acted in my twenties had a lot to do with denial. If I didn’t embrace or recognize the mothers on my team, then I didn’t have to think about what my future would be like. I see the same behavior in young women I talk to who are in charge of hiring, especially in the tech space. They are hard liners – and passionate lecturers – about women being in the office so they can be part of the company’s “culture”.

Zaleski with her husband and child. Photo from Fortune.com

It is refreshing to see another mother who admittedly and candidly explores her mistakes, offers up apologies when needed, and moves forward, helping us all in the end. Women supporting other women is vital to the success and growth of women in the workforce today.

I wish I had known five years ago, as a young, childless manager, that mothers are the people you need on your team. There’s a saying that “if you want something done then ask a busy person to do it.” That’s exactly why I like working with mothers now.

PowerToFly is making a connection between organizations and highly experienced female workers, offering innovation and diversity in the workplace in flexible and remote solutions. Her vision is truly one of the future. Not only is she supporting working mothers and pushing organizations to embrace this change in our culture, she is giving women in tech a good name.


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