Farewell summer..

Erin&SamFarewell summer, hot sunny picnic daze. Sounds of heat bugs, lazy rivers and salt kissed waves. Your little voice laughing, burning marshmallows in the blaze. You have taught me so much, to enjoy all the moments of the short, yet long, summer days. We enjoyed endless bright blue skies, fireworks up high, a never ending musical phrase. My baby is now a little boy, reminding me to always play. I will cherish every moment and forever love our summer gaze. For you will be mine always, the sweetest thing a mama could raise.

Let the waiting game begin……

Application for Disney Mom’s Panel complete! I only had until Friday at noon to make this perfect! I was surprised to only see one page of questions this year and because of that, I worried that they wouldn’t know enough about my background to understand why I was the woman they want for this job. Then I decided, I just have to be myself and answer to the best of my knowledge.
You might be wondering what this online application looks like. I was required to answer the first question as if I were already a panelist. They wanted to know if I had applied before, when my last WDW vacation was, what area of Disney Parks I wish to represent, (Walt Disney World, of course!) and how you I discovered the Mom’s Panel. There were a couple of fun fact questions, one of which referred to Frozen, but nothing to stump or trick you. Lastly, they requested a family picture, showing your “Disney Side.” I submitted a picture of my family with Goofy from our recent trip!
I kept reading and re-reading my answers until I thought of another Disney quote that I love. “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” Once again, Walt comes through with some great advice! I had answered to the best of my ability and now it’s up to the judges to decide if I fit what they are looking for in this fabulous group of Moms and Dads! I took a breath and clicked submit. For now I wait, at least a month or two, and hope I receive an email stating that I will advance to round two!
If you haven’t already, head to http://www.disneyparksmomspanel.com and read some of the great advice for planning your next dream vacation!
Have a magical day!

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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”


A favorite quote of mine from my favorite animator, innovator, and creator of all things magical!  Any guesses?  Who else, but Walt Disney himself!  I have been a fan of Walt, and the Walt Disney Company, for as long as I can remember.  I am a Disney enthusiast and former cast member. I participated in the WDW College Program in 1999 and have made several trips back since that time. This past April, I traveled with my family to the Walt Disney World Resort to celebrate our first trip as a family of four, and to celebrate our children’s first and third birthdays.  If I’m not planning a trip for myself, I am often offering advice to friends and family traveling themselves.  I keep up with what is new or upcoming in the parks and love to dream of what our future trips will consist of.  There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t speak with someone who shares a special memory or story of their own vacation experience. Some think I am a little over the top or perhaps have a Disney addiction, but I believe that there is something unique and special about the Disney experience and I just love everything about it!

So with that being said, I am excited to announce that this year I will be applying for a spot on the Disney Mom’s Panel!  I have applied previously, but unfortunately did not make it to the next round.  After I submitted my application, I was told that if you did not advance, you would likely hear nothing.  I felt encouraged when I received a letter saying that I did not make it, but to keep trying and so this year, I am!  It is sure to be a very competitive and exciting experience and I cannot wait for the process to begin! This feels like a great opportunity to turn a hobby, into something that I can share with families who may feel the Disney love, but might need a little help turning fantasy into reality!  The applications open at 10am on September 2nd, and I am so excited to throw my EARS in the ring!  The difficult part will be waiting and keeping my fingers crossed for a chance at round two.  So, wish me luck and stay tuned!
“All it takes is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust”