Two weeks down and 3 to go???


The latest news for this years Disney Moms Panel hopefuls….is no news until October!  Everyone is dying to know their fate, but many of us are just enjoying the ride and supporting one another on this journey!

I am keeping up with the latest info via twitter, specifically @gary_jerry. Gary works in social media and PR for Walt Disney World and Disney Parks, and has been really fantastic at answering questions and giving us updates from the judging panel.
I mentioned a previously rumored number of 10, 000 applicants for this small panel of moms and dads, and gary shocked me with a tweet that the rumored numbers were and are, underestimated! This is amazing for 2 reasons, the first being that there is that much interest for fans to want to share their vacation planning secrets, and the second being that each of these applications are read by an actual human. None of us know who is on this panel and their names are not likely to be released, at least not in early rounds. The information that we keep hearing is just how good the applications are looking this year, and just how hard it’s going to be to narrow it down. My guess is they anticipated a high interest and that is the reason for the increase from 3 to 4 rounds. This fact makes me hopeful that I have a chance for round 2.

This is not my first interview/audition with the Disney company, however, my previous experience has been live and in person. I was a Disney College Program participant and spent about 6 months living and working on Disney property. During that time, I auditioned for a character part and was lucky enough to be offered a position, but my family was a little less than thrilled for me to bail on yet another semester of college to fulfill my dream of being Pluto. In those circumstances, I was able to talk with an interviewer and really show my personality. Because the Disney Moms Panel communicates via written responses, it stands to reason that round 1 is comprised of essay/short answer questions. Round 2 will have a video component, perfect!!! I am already working on a strategy in the event that I am lucky enough to be asked to provide one.  At this point I can’t think beyond round 2, just making it that far would be a major victory!
Despite the odds, I am feeling hopeful.  I have a passion and knowledge for Disney, and I truly enjoy sharing it as much and as often as I can.  What this process comes down to is, does my particular style fit with the group they are putting together for 2015, and that remains to be seen.
Hoping and Wishing!



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