Let the waiting game begin……

Application for Disney Mom’s Panel complete! I only had until Friday at noon to make this perfect! I was surprised to only see one page of questions this year and because of that, I worried that they wouldn’t know enough about my background to understand why I was the woman they want for this job. Then I decided, I just have to be myself and answer to the best of my knowledge.
You might be wondering what this online application looks like. I was required to answer the first question as if I were already a panelist. They wanted to know if I had applied before, when my last WDW vacation was, what area of Disney Parks I wish to represent, (Walt Disney World, of course!) and how you I discovered the Mom’s Panel. There were a couple of fun fact questions, one of which referred to Frozen, but nothing to stump or trick you. Lastly, they requested a family picture, showing your “Disney Side.” I submitted a picture of my family with Goofy from our recent trip!
I kept reading and re-reading my answers until I thought of another Disney quote that I love. “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” Once again, Walt comes through with some great advice! I had answered to the best of my ability and now it’s up to the judges to decide if I fit what they are looking for in this fabulous group of Moms and Dads! I took a breath and clicked submit. For now I wait, at least a month or two, and hope I receive an email stating that I will advance to round two!
If you haven’t already, head to http://www.disneyparksmomspanel.com and read some of the great advice for planning your next dream vacation!
Have a magical day!

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