our new adventure

Welcome to our new adventure! We (Becky & Erin) started blissfulmamas about six months ago after undergoing some major changes in our lives involving our careers, families & finding time for ourselves. In our search for a positive outlet, we found that most of the online mothers groups to be question forums, not really discussing specific strategies on how to be positive with a lot going on in life! The overall tone of these forums have been mixed with endless advice, negativity and over bloated with information. In our quest to balance the more challenging areas of being a working mama, the goal has focused towards highlighting our strengths & drawing from inspiration. Our ideas for blissfulmamas started in a place where we wanted to explore positivity in trying to find balance in our lives being working mamas. Over the past six months, the idea has been refined and focused on challenging working mamas today (our friends, colleagues, and all working mamas out there) to offer their own advice on what works and what doesn’t work when trying to balance the big three:

  1. Career
  2. Family
  3. Me

We started the Blissfulmamas Project to offer REAL advice from REAL women in the workforce who are balancing multiple facets of life & how to find that blissful place where you feel accomplished in all areas of life. This is an opportunity to learn about each other, personal ventures & successes, the industries that afford flexible schedules, the strategies that we use when needing some additional attention with our families and for me time. Each week, we will post a “Featured Mama” who has offered their 2-cents on how they feel about the big three and balance. These features will highlight working mamas so we can learn from, support and acknowledge all that we have accomplished!  In addition, we will offer insight into our own lives and will be posting about our adventures along the way, along with current articles & literature within each of these categories to offer a variety of viewpoints regarding these topics.

We are looking forward to our new direction and would love to hear from you! Please email us at blissfulmamas@gmail.com if you are interested in being featured! We would love to hear from the mamas out there who have started a new venture/and or have a flexible working situation! All advice is welcome.

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